Portrait photo of Levester Green

Levester Green

Levester Green is a Street Sense Media artist and vendor. He describes himself as a “Street Sense vendor, artist, writer, rapper, poet, disc jockey and on~air personality (Super City Joe), businessman, photographer, film critic, WNBA fanatic, music enthusiast, me.”

Levester is part of the illustration workshop, Inciting Hope.  Some of his work can be seen here. He is also a filmmaker with our cooperative, Capturing Hope. He has been published in The Collegian, South Carolina State University’s newspaper publication, as well as other national outlets such as “Portals” and “Tickled By Thunder” out of Canada.  He managed a chapbook with them titled “Sure There’s a New President, But It’s The Same Old Bush.”

His Twitter handle: @levesterjoegr2

Poetry Sample:

“I wholeheartedly believe in self-expression through art and writing. It’s what I do! It’s what we are doing currently here at Street Sense Media! It’s my outlet but I’m constantly seeking more bigger and better outlets for  expression, as I did in my youth when I shared my poetry with Prince George’s County College literary mags, Owl magazine, and theUniversity of the District of Columbia “Trilogy” newspaper where I was the poetry editor and worked alongside current Wilson High School multimedia correspondent, Grover Massenburg!”

You can read more about Levester in his vendor profile.