Street Sense Filmmakers Co-op

Graphic by Bruna Costa

In the Street Sense Filmmakers Cooperative, participants create and share visual narratives from the viewpoint of the street. Learn skills in directing, editing and cinematography.

Unlike many other forms of art, cinema generally requires the participation of a multi-person crew in production of its works. In the Street Sense Filmmakers Co-op, each participant crews in a different capacity on all of the group’s films in return for group participation on his/her own project. In the process, co-op members learn the methods and tools of cinematic production (literacy and resume skills) as they help activate one another’s stories.

Life is complicated – stories that rely on just one author to put things in order, arrive at convenience rather than reality. We can’t arrive at truth on our own, or even as a collective. But getting closer is the mission, change is the mission – it takes many voices. We’re all in this together.

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Film Trailers

Interested in screening one or more of our films at your theater, school, or organization? Contact Brian Carome at [email protected].

Co-op Members

Jane Cave, Chon Gotti, Morgan Jones, Henrieese Roberts, Robert Warren, Angie Whitehurst, Sasha Williams.