The legend of big city Joe Green

Graphic by Bruna Costa

J.K. Rowling is my inspiration to keep creating while being homeless. I read the story of her humble beginnings. It has definitely been a tough struggle for me as I canceled my self-published book. I had a more immediate need for my funds so it postponed my efforts and put my book on the back burner of my priorities. I still had the high inclinations to write, but not the proper space to process it all, until I made it to American University. Before that, I would quickly jot things down on scraps of paper, so I guess this book could have just as easily been named “Noted” as my publishing agent so often has said.

I would spend the whole day there both to keep warm and to write and nurture my online presence. I would shortly thereafter run into Bryan Bello, but best believe, I established my presence first! I could’ve maybe garnered his and others’ attention enough to reach out and work with me on my projects and material. I also ran into Professor Hawkins from the University of the District of Columbia. Hawkins greeted and welcomed me home to the university once I relocated from South Carolina State University. She had introduced me to the CaribNation editor and Candy Shannon, who was on D.C.’s only remaining jazz station at that time and was part of UDC.

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