Illustration Workshop

David Serota

The Street Sense Illustration Workshop has been building concepts and refining techniques in illustration since January 2014. Our artists work together to illustrate content for the newspaper, advertise other programs of our media center and take on contract work as available. The illustration group meets Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m.

Sample program posters:
Street Sense Illustration Workshop Illustration Workshop


Flip book Exercise:

By Reginald Black

Artist in Residence

david serota - street senseDavid Serota David Serota has been a communication professional in the Baltimore/Washington area for over 30 years. Currently, David runs his own communications design firm, SerotaDesign, mixing for-profit, non-profit, and pro bono work. In addition to his teaching our media center’s Illustration Workshop and providing pro-bono illustration and design to Street Sense newspaper, he currently serves as the creative director for ICAF, the International Child Art Foundation.

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