Sidechick resurrection

I like pricking people’s minds like a pinky finger poking, now you got pink eye but is your third eye blind from being three doors down? All up into where I shine. Trying to pick a deal cause you heard that I grind! Making you all mine, like a happy Valentine! Yeah, I got some cards but only some of them signed. See there again, I caught your mind like you’re being taught up and brought up off the vine. Your lifeline for a lifetime. Guilty conscience eating at you each and every time! Sight beyond sight gives the perfect insight shedding light.

Now if they were out of sight then I only would’ve known about it in hindsight. Retrospect. Boy, get your check! Check yourself. Have some self-respect! Now check your chick. Sidechick. If you’re both side by side, then they can’t both coincide, then they are about bound to collide, and there will be no more “joy” ride. As of right now, it’s Friday and we trying to get this fish fried cause somebody lied and couldn’t be true. Is that you? Now the skies are gray when they used to be blue! Aw, leave me be. I’m thinking heavenly, heavily like that’s a place and space I’d like to be! Somewhere embedded deeply down in your memories. Remember me!? Looking for the directory to the resurrectory. They may have got my mind but they won’t get the rest of me. Girl, you’re only tired. Now take a rest from me! Rescue me. Why not, girl, take all of me!? Now watch you just only try and take on me! Girl, talk to me, but try not to interrupt when I watch the movie! Now look at this girl. Come to find out she doesn’t even want any money from me, baby.

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