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Reading old history posted on modern social media accounts is quite intriguing. I think that maybe our society should be geared more towards learning history in the latter part of life: when and where it could be better appreciated, absorbed, applied, and learned from.

What are most youngins doing? Smoking, drinking, experimenting? Learning from life can overwhelm learning from books and in the classroom — from teen pregnancies to other life and social issues that demand attention.

As I found in my studying at DCTV as an adult, it was very difficult to focus and concentrate. So I’m just thinking that’s how it must’ve been, for say, resource students back in the day, having difficulty with attention and understanding.

I thrived as a TAG student (Talented and Gifted). And as an adult now, I thrive for knowledge, especially in this day and age of cutting technology. I still find it difficult though, when I’m distracted and am not in such a calm and peaceful situation nowadays.

So we should have an emphasis on adult learning rooms and labs dedicated to such causes. Learning is a lifelong process, after all. The youth could care more for their futures, and us!

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