📹 Fairness Rising

Washington D.C.’s Franklin Square is famous for its hundreds of unhoused patrons who congregate there daily. Less known is the stately building that haunts its eastern end: Franklin School, the shelter that used to house them. Formed in response to the shelter’s closing, People for Fairness coalition – an advocacy group made up of unhoused and formerly unhoused men and women – sought to stand up for themselves and the city’s most vulnerable, when they realized no one else would. Experience a year with these amazing men and women as they architect two powerful events that silently shake the city, portending an imminent political quake. They will stop at nothing short of housing for all, but will the brutal winters that increasingly claim the lives of their friends, family and those they serve silence their stride?

Directed by Robert Warren and Reginald Black | Produced by the Street Sense Filmakers Co-op | Screened at Cinema From the Street


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Issues |Art|Civil Rights|Death|Living Unsheltered|Weather

Region |Washington DC

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.