DC judge rules against eviction moratorium, but the law is still disputed 

Photo of the Federal District Court located in Washington, DC.

Picture of the E. Barrett Pettyman Federal Courthouse located in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of user ncindc via flickr.

Judge Dabney Friedrich of the U.S. District Court for D.C. threw out on May 5 the federal ban on evictions that has been in place since early in the pandemic and was most recently extended until June 30.

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The Department of Justice immediately appealed the ruling and is seeking a stay of the order.

The ruling will not affect tenants in D.C., where there is still a local comprehensive ban on evictions. Renters in Maryland and Virginia may be affected depending on where their landlord chooses to file the case.

This ruling is the latest of several conflicting court decisions on the federal eviction moratorium. Federal decisions in cases like this can influence local judges’ decisions but are not enforceable rulings.

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