COVID-19 Washington DC: Reduced access to showers in downtown

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Courtesy of Tony Webster

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With COVID-19 now impacting access to showers for the homeless in Washington, D.C., a little help from the D.C. Council and Ward 2 would go a long way.

For people who are located in downtown D.C., a mobile shower would come as a valuable resource. These mobile showers range from between $24,000 to $54,000 dollars, and cost approximately $100,000 for annual operating costs. 

With Washington, D.C. set to receive at least $500 million in a proposed aid package, it might make sense for the city and Ward 2 to invest into these portable shower units when the money becomes available. Will the candidates in the Ward 2 special election on June 16 think this issue is as important as I do? With the election just over a month away, citizens may have to wait patiently to find out.

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