Christian Zapata

Editorial Intern — Summer 2018
[email protected]

I’m a student at Rutgers University majoring in Journalism and Media studies with a minor in philosophy. I’m the News Editor at The Daily Targum, the University’s student paper, and occasionally work with an environmental restoration organization near Bogota, New Jersey — my hometown. Balancing school work and working at the paper, I try and keep up with recreational activities like running and reading. I started running in high school and do my best to incorporate it into my lifestyle now. As for reading, I was never big on it until last summer when I started working at a coffee shop in the city. Hour-long commutes on the New Jersey Transit are longer than social media can keep me entertained so I decided I’d use the time to better myself. A Clockwork Orange and George Orwell’s 1984 became instant favorites and touched on concepts that I had seen in classes for my philosophy minor. I hope to one day communicate conversations that consider the ethical implications of what the news covers, it may be of no surprise that I’m a big fan of Radiolab. On sunny days I like skateboarding, and while I’m not too trick savvy, there is no better feeling than the wind against my face. I also thoroughly enjoy hot coffee, music of all kinds with a preference for rap and rock and my dog Lucas. He is a tiny maltese.