LIVE: Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2018

Photo of a white paper sign, attached to a plastic stick. It says "John Doe" and the hands holding it also hold an electric candle.

Colleen Cosgriff

Every year, interfaith memorial services are held for people who have died while homeless in the nation’s capital and elsewhere. For the past five years, advocates have held a local vigil the night before the service to draw additional public attention to this event. Here is our local coverage of the sixth vigil:

More than 100 people gather to honor those who died on the streets of DC

Protestors demand $35.5 million for housing after 54 people die without a home

Days before Christmas, activists pressure DC Council to protect their most vulnerable constituents

Through social media, we collaborated with other street papers to show how this day was observed throughout the country.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.