I worked hard in my twenties, but I was missing family and housing support. Now the support I have is people believing in me.  

I miss working in the banking industry at times, and I definitely missed being in the telecommunications business. But now I am in my 30’s and I am building my life differently. I am raising a 5-year-old and an almost seven-month-old baby and I am so happy for those seeds in my life. I’m learning to brand my creativity and it’s like a different level. 

It wasn’t easy, but life is what you make it. I was able to build a portfolio with Street Sense Media while overcoming a lot of letdowns and journeys.   

That included an engagment that didn’t work out. But I am glad I did not marry into that relationship. It would have been the worst thing for me. One day I will be happy with someone else, but I’ve got a lot ahead of me and other priorities to focus on. 

Now that I am housed in a better community, I have to work on my next challenge while my daughter is starting her education. I like that she is going to do Martial Arts and Gymnastics and learning Spanish.   

It’s been a process for me. But I am a woman and a mother and an individual. While others “know” what I should do, I am happy that I am doing what I want to do. I no longer feel “behind.” My daughter has her outlet and I have mine.  

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