Graphic by Bruna Costa

I was alone thinking about all of the things I’d been through. How I cried so many tears thinking about all of the hurt I’ve gone through and all of the pain. Like someone cut me with a knife. But I realized I am a survivor and I can’t give up. My boys keep me going. 

I am fighting for me. I have to fight for myself, learn how to get it together and make things right for me and my boys. I love my boys. They keep me strong. I am doing my best and keeping my head up like Tupac in my favorite rap song. I stand tall and come back for more and I am learning to forgive every person who hurt me, abused me and used me. I still have some healing to do from my pain. I am learning how to love and handle my emotions. I practice self-care. I am getting rest and I am taking my medications. I am keeping my focus and meditating. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.