Sasha Williams

Sasha Williams is a Street Sense Media artist, vendor, and a volunteer on Street Sense’s forum planning committee. In 2015, she self-directed and self-produced a documentary titled “Raise to Rise,” about her experience living with her young daughter in the DC General Family Shelter. The documentary debuted at Landmark E St Cinema, and Sasha was featured on local news outlet Fox 5 to discuss the film. She was also a member of DC’s first homeless filmmakers co-op, and worked with Robert Warren and Reginald Black on the documentary, “Fairness Rising.” Sasha fundraised to have membership in a customized DCTV filmmaking course, where she became a certified producer, videographer, and video editor. Sasha has a deep set love of art and self-expression; beyond filmmaking, Sasha participates in Street Sense’s theater program Staging Hope, makes mugs with District Mugs, knits with Project Knitting, participates in illustration classes, and take photos. On top of all this, she recently received her inbound marketing certification through HubSpot

“We are all producers in life. We create our own outlook on life, our own goals, our own destiny.”


You can read more about Sasha in her most recent vendor profile. You may donate directly to Sasha by putting her name in the ‘comments’ section of our donation form.