This Summer!

Raffaele Camardella/Flickr

Summer is the most important season of the year to grow. This summer I will begin my preparation for the Fourth of July holiday! The best thing about the summer is that it brings out beauty and more opportunity to keep happy.

Klever will be traveling to the museum, and share his encounters there. My first venture with natural history! Pictures in the next issue, here are some pictures to enjoy for now, and a poem for your thoughts:

Through the red skies with orange dyes
equivalent to the beautiful blue, but yet brown eyes!
The sun beam, the moon’s dream
the cloud and the wind, but rain and sin!

The blood drips of pain and agony
as the blood drips drops for the pleasuring!
Emotional ties to the emotion that dies!

For our every deepest entity of love,
bound to the heart’s pump and the veins’ stomp,
that keeps our desire at its deepest!

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