City buildings hidden behind smoke.

Canadian wildfire smoke hits Minneapolis in May. Photo courtesy of Chad Davis / Flickr

What is our government doing about Canada’s wildfires? The Republicans and Democrats need to get their priorities straight when it comes to the pollution and our air quality caused by the hundreds of active Canadian fires that are out of control.

People like myself that have respiratory issues are forced to either stay at home or have to wear a mask. The Republicans need to address these issues with Canada immediately! Just because elected officials don’t have respiratory issues, it doesn’t mean they won’t have it in the near future. A human body can only take so much abuse from pollutants.

Further, the GOP needs to stop worrying about Trump’s espionage trial, unless they too are guilty of the same espionage. Instead, they should focus more on what to do about our air quality. People living in the Midwest to people on East Coast and some parts of North Carolina are being affected by Canada’s wildfires. Healthy people are complaining about their chests hurting or saying that they can’t breathe at all.

What is Congress doing about this situation? It’s a serious health issue that’s affecting everybody. And it’s not just affecting people with respiratory issues.

While lawmakers love to talk about cutting our health insurance, raising the prices of our medication and cutting our Social Security. They don’t care about us as long as they get their pockets fat with pharmaceutical companies, they seem to forget about what’s most important – the people they’re supposed to be representing.

I look at the local news every morning. There’s never anything about Biden or the Republicans doing something meaningful to help our air quality.

Aida Peery is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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