Clean Earth 

Clean up the streets by recycling. Don’t throw it down where you stand. Don’t be greedy and overload the cargo ships. It leads to spills. And the water is having trouble filtering out the oil and our trash. For all who live by the waters, walk around and see if there are any hooks, lines and sinkers laying around. Take some newspapers with you and pick up and wrap up these items and put them in the bins. The living, feeling creatures will thank you for your efforts in keeping them safe from harm. 

The trees are crying out “Don’t cut me! Let me grow. I help you breathe. Help me to live so I can create oxygen for you!” 

In the neighborhood, watch how you dispose of your light bulbs, laundry detergents, gasoline and chemicals that you clean your house and cars with. Also, what you use to spray your garden with and what you use to grow your garden. Because the life of living creatures matters and deserve to live pleasant on this earth too. 

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