The Importance of Martin Luther King

Mural in Central MLK Library

Henrieese Roberts

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very honest and nonviolent man. He fought for justice and peace, and he didn’t want any violence or trouble to come in his life. He wanted every human being to be fair and be treated with respect, but it didn’t turn out that way. When King was little, his parents believed in God and his father was a minister. He had a brother named Alfred. When he was little, he didn’t understand his story, what many people had to go through. But when his parents told him,he understood much more. When he grew older, he understood the story and life in Alabama, and he wanted to change it.

He had many protests about having equal rights. He knew and understood the pain people had to go through because of the matter, so he kept going forward and focusing on his dreams and his future. He always believed and had faith in his very special friend: the one and only true God.


Chris Shaw

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