The danger of diesel

The word diesel is painted across a red tank.

A tank is filled with diesel fuel, which is used by both businesses and individuals to fill cars' gas tanks. Photo courtesy of Meena Kadri // Wikimedia Commons.

Diesel gas is an invisible killer. Why are most companies’ trucks and buses using diesel gases? They’re tearing up the environment and atmosphere.

Homeless people live in the streets and can’t escape and, as a result, could die faster. They can’t escape it, they’re right there.

When is the government going to step up and get involved?

We’re putting our children on the bus, and they’re smelling the fumes. Many children also have asthma, which diesel exhaust could play a role in.

There’s a lot of construction going on in the city now, and there are a lot of trucks coming in that are using diesel. We use diesel to transport food, and we use it to power firetrucks and ambulances, too.

In America, we’re so far behind. We need to get the politicians to stop and do something. We need to take care of the environment before something drastic happens. 

Why do we have to wait for something drastic to happen and then address it after the fact?

Ayub Abdul is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.

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