Rest in Peace, Jim

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When I first heard about my brother’s cancer, I was devastated. I used to see him going to work in the morning while I handed out Street Sense papers at the Friendship Heights subway station. He always gave me that strong good morning smile and said, “I am okay, how are you?” The thing about him is that he hardly got sick, and never got in trouble with the law—not even a jaywalking ticket. Now that was something special, having lived a beautiful 59 years of life.

Jim was the second child out of ten. There are four men and two women still living. My parents are deceased as well and we are trying hard to get past this sorrow. His wife’s name is Bonnie.

I will miss him, may he rest in peace. Jim had a beautiful life; he served his church for many years as an altar boy. Now, as of this day, I must move on with my life and stay strong with my health, and enjoy the new apartment I recently got.

Street Sense vendors, as I end this article, please keep your prayers going to my brother Jim, may he rest in peace. May God be the glory forever and ever, Amen?

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