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I often wonder why the tears falling from my eyes are not always at the same time from the left and right eye.

I thought, in time, so many lives nobody cares to remember his or her name. Only 99 initials of first and last names and their ages. We can say that they all died before their time.

All in the Lord’s time in the blink of an eye. No one cried at their funeral, no flowers for grandma and granddad, so sad.

Just remembering that old tune, who cares, who is willing to try. No one no longer needs to wipe the tears from their eyes — so why do I feel like I have missed my chance to cry at their grave site?

Oh, that’s right, we no longer have the right to return to mother earth and repay the energy she has given to you and me. You see, the cause of death is too high for the living, no Thanksgiving from the voices of the living. And we ask why they died without the dignity of a home, left all alone, did anyone claim their remains, not even a final resting place?

These tears falling from my face, her face, his face, that remember that the Lord may remember you too in the tears I cry.

When my mother died early on in that pandemic that took over a million lives, I cried and pleaded to have her laid to rest with all the rest of the family members who had died. Bless her heart, she didn’t want to burden us with the cost of returning to mother earth. Even in death, we have no worth. Whatever happened to no soul left behind? Without a proper burial ground, tears are coming down for that day when even the ocean of tears will give up its dead. No more tears to cry.

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