Rest in Peace, Fingers

A picture of two candles burning in darkness.

Michel Filion

Last month, just after we had spoken about trying to keep my new apartment together, I got news recently that my good friend Fingers was in a coma.

He never came out of it. I was so hurt. I had just gotten over losing Christopher Gross, another good friend. May they both rest in peace.

I have been going through a lot of pain lately, especially with my back hurting, my brother Jim’s illness and my little sister Teresa, who is trying so hard to keep her health together and take care of her children.

I will always keep prayers in my heart for my special friend who I love so much.

I also would like to put prayers to those who have passed away, particularly Chris and Fingers. I am really going to miss them both and my heart will always stay with them.

So, rest in peace, Fingers; I am going to miss your love and your smile. May the glory of God and Jesus Christ stay with you forever!

Issues |Death|Family

Region |Washington DC

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