Remember Me


Oh, as I go on, how can I find in me what I need from others?

Too much fear of the Lord, too much pain, to be anything but who I am.

Now as I look back on the lives lost to times that never made sense to me, Why? is always the question. Why does it have to be?

Yes, it was probably written a Long Time Ago.

The Lord’s words say that the Lord knew you before you were in your mother’s womb.

And if only I could remember those times when I knew you and you knew me.

And now to try and change to get to know me. What more do I need to know? What more do I need to see?

If I could only remember my dreams and follow through with plans, not sidetracking myself by sleeping my life away trying to dream.

Ah, if I could remember my dreams, that would be change.

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