I appreciate God for giving me life in abundance. I am grateful he took my body and overwhelmed it with his healing power so I don’t have to suffer anymore. It’s amazing and fascinating how he never leaves you behind. He’s always thinking about you. When I step out in faith, he always pulls me through and makes me victorious. 

I’m so glad he never lets me go and protects me from all my enemies. Of course, obstacles and bumpy roads come my way, as they do for everyone. But as long as I have his word, I will come out on top. I have learned how to be kind to all, no matter what language, slang and wrong actions pass my ears. God will find a way to turn it around for my good. 

He supplies me with food and water that never run out. Take in what I’m saying, because he also can do the same for you, if you believe. 

He also makes me stronger, so I can resist any and all temptations that try to pursue me or consume me. I am blessed to have God in my life. I will never leave him, because he is God and he loves me and you. 

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