Nice and kind-hearted

It is a very special gift that God has given to us, this ability to express love and kindness. Being nice and kind-hearted is difficult at times, because some people do not take it seriously. However, I do act nice because it is a special effort for others that my parents taught me to value.

When I was growing up, I would always try to express that special gift from God. But, at times, I found myself thinking “What if someone tries to take advantage of this kindness, this niceness?” That is something I do not like to consider. Then I realize that God always said to be nice and kind, forgive and love thy neighbor. I have learned to honor that thought.

Giving of myself and helping others is a beautiful gesture and I count my ability to do that as one of God’s blessings. Every day, if I accomplish nothing else, I at least try to be nice and kind-hearted to everyone that I can; because Jesus loves you, very much.

I hope that I will always keep that love in my heart for the rest of my life.

May the power of God the Father be with us forever, Amen.

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