Never quit 

Hey friends, I’m back in recovery again. This will be my fourth and final time here, in Jesus’ name. I came back a year and a half ago. I’m processing. I’m doing good at learning new things and am trying to do my best.

My house number and I are very close and have a great bond. We have a great bond of women here. We also get along well. My facilitators are eight very good listeners and understanding people. Learning is becoming easier than before. I am moving forward, trying to fight this battle of addiction.

Most of my facilitators have been through the process and are still going through it today. Most of them are still in recovery. Today, I know I need to accept myself for who I am. I’m also accepting the patience that I do not have, and learning to accept the flaws that I have.

I have loads of low self-esteem. With all the ups and downs that come around me, I’m learning to say “no” to better myself. I’m learning to use my inner thoughts to get over the things that challenge me each day.

I’ve been working on these problems for years but never really noticed them. This was inside of me. It’s been causing me to pick up each day. But I know how to fight it. With the strength of God and his health, I will fight it. And also I will I pray to my higher power to take all my defects away.

So if you feel like you have given up too many times and you don’t want to fight anymore, look at me as an example. I will never give up on this thing. This is my life we’re talking about. I’m putting it all on the line because I believe in the holy and because I believe in the Lord. Pick up the Bible sometimes and read it. It says he will always be there for you and he will never forsake you. Until next time, stay safe. 

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