It’s almost Thanksgiving, happy holidays! Are you happy during the holidays? I am very glad for you. Because for me, it’s like any other work day. 

The reason I work on Thanksgiving is because I don’t want to relapse. You have to be aware that anything can make you relapse, just walking past a liquor store can cause it. So you have to be aware of all your surroundings at all times. The holidays are the best time to get twisted, drunk, high and all that because that’s what we do we celebrate. 

For me, I will be in the program, still working on my recovery and enjoying it. I’ve been here before on the holidays and I love it. We have Thanksgiving, we celebrate Christmas and we get gifts. As many times as I’ve been here, I’ve never been disappointed on the holidays, even on my birthday. I’m here because I like to be able to say I didn’t pick up a drink. I can’t wait. I want to cook a turkey, a ham, fresh greens, potato salad with shrimp, sweet potatoes and a pasta salad. 

And I would love to see my husband. That’s all I need to make my holidays come true and happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my family, but something is going to go wrong. Somebody’s going to come in there with a beer or a drink or something to get high with. You know how it goes at family celebrations, somebody’s got to use something to alter their feelings. Some people think you can enjoy the holidays without getting high or celebrating. I do. I believe that you can still have a great holiday, happy times, fun times and enjoy those days. 

So I’m telling you to enjoy your holidays. Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and friends to talk, play games, listen to music, read and watch movies. There’s a lot of things you can do besides putting a substance in your body. Well anyway, happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy. See you next time. 

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