My Daughter Called Me Her Treasure Map

A smiling little girl hugs her mother, who is also smiling.

Benjamin Burgess

I know how it feels to have support. I also know that when nobody can support you and you really are doing the right things, you must stay encouraged — even when it is hard to stay motivated.

I give because everyone deserves. I am thankful now, more than ever, because the truth sets you free. Now that we are ten months into 2016, there is so much to look forward to. Last month, my daughter called me her “Treasure Map.” It was a true blessing to my life. It is amazing how you can love a gift in your life and how others can take your love for granted. I am just glad that I have the ability to love. I have come to realize the belief that one can have in oneself is more exuberant than taking people’s words rather than their actions. You cannot take anybody for granted. I know that I am loved.

I see good in a lot of people. And I pledge to strengthen myself so that nobody can hurt me anymore. Living the life I deserve and having things that I want is okay. I love change, when the change improves the present so that I am more prepared for the future. I am whole. It is okay to be alone today with my thoughts with blood running through my veins and my heart beating. It is a part of life.

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