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Your brain is your map to the future, waiting for something outside of you to feel something inside. Stop living as the victim, blaming everything on everybody else. Try to chase and create a new life for yourself. Get rid of negative thoughts and grab ahold of new ones. Think your way into a new way of living. Seventy-five percent of your thinking can give up a surge of energy. I suggest changing people, places, and things in your life. Make sure that you take time out for time with your thoughts, but don’t get all in your head. A moment of peace can do us well. Today, I would like for you to say something that you’re grateful for. And, positive affirmations don’t hurt. A positive affirmation is something that you find within yourself or about yourself that makes you feel good about yourself. Thinking negatively only hurts us. I learned I am beautiful, worthy and kind-hearted. Only you can change yourself. How many people know that when people talk about us it is none of our business because it has nothing to do with who I really am. Always listen to learn and learn to listen. This path is mine and mine only. I practice to become great, then I keep practicing to stay great. I’m trying today to get to know myself all over again. Love yourself today. I’m not used to making good decisions on my own. If I was to put the energy that I put into drinking how I was into living right, I would have already beat my addiction.

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