DC government and Greater Washington Community Foundation align to end homelessness

Photo of Mayor Muriel Bowser with street scene in the background.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mayor Bowser’s Interagency Council on Homelessness collaborated with the Greater Washington Community Foundation to launch the Partnership to End Homelessness on June 6. The public-private initiative intends to increase the supply of affordable housing and aid in the transition from shelters to homes.

The mayor’s Homeward D.C. Plan, released in 2015, has seen tangible results, including a 22 percent decrease in people experiencing homelessness and a 45 percent decrease among families. However, until now, the administration has not formally coordinated with the private sector to achieve its goal to end long-term homelessness. 

The Partnership’s strategy is four-fold, based on education, advocacy, participation and donation. Investments are going toward a grant-making fund, which will be available in August, and the Enterprise Community Loan Fund for building and preserving housing units. 

“The Bowser Administration has established a strong foundation,” said Bruce McNamer, president of the Community Foundation, “but private sector engagement will be critical to long-term success.” 

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