In God I Trust

I’ve fallen so many times in life. Sometimes I really feel like giving up on myself and on life. There were times I wanted to take my life or even hate God. I thought he was punishing me for the wicked things I have done but I have come to realize that God punishes you to help you understand the faults within yourself. It’s called a reality check.

Practice what you preach. Some things that come out of your mouth can be your own lessons. The Lord will direct you to a life of abundance. I trust the Lord with all my heart. He will test you and your faith, you have to go through trials and tribulations to help you become strong in your faith. My favorite story about faith is about Joseph, the son of Jacob. He was betrayed by his brothers. He realized his prideful ways. Having trust and accepting God’s guidance is a must. I am struggling with that now. So remember, have faith.

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