Get Thee Hence

Honoring “National Get Out Day,” Jan. 19, 2021, and dedicated to the inspiring young leaders/organizers of Black Lives Matter D.C.

A cry arises — Yawp-ing th’ assizes;
“Get thee hence, Trump and Pence!”
Whence our Savior urged Lucifer, to
get him hence, no
Light-bearer this one — the constituency
When the Resurrection dawns—
Send them on … Listen dear beloveds and thank!
Nice Joe kneels in a humble church,
Burggj, on the other hand—
Swings his incurious club on the links
Blessing only the sybaritic Plurch!
Rudy wore the streaming Dye; Mike
hosting a nasty fly. Avast! Out! It is true
Trump! Pence! Leave us now—
Get thee hence!

P’raps Stealth supersonics above the White 
House rooftops will drive you from the 
closet where ye crouch, or down beneath the couch.

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Region |Washington DC

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