Waking us up

Graphic by Bruna Costa

Just a little pain, enough to remind all of us, with a fickle tension, of the true nature of experience… suffering. What can surpass the senses’ capacity of perceiving this wonder of life in all its might?

Nothing like compassion.

Nine minutes away from me, a man was burning himself — for the world to understand that amidst our nice sensory satisfactions — our abundance, and our ‘securities’ — exists a hidden turbulence that can easily be described as the hottest cauldron of hell. In this place that we prefer not to think about lies a fulcrum of evil where people are exterminated — literally killed for existing. But this lightning hits the ground so far away from our blessed “reality” that we can’t hear the thunder roar.

So loud is this thunder’s roar that even the lion’s roar in this jungle passes, unheard. Until finally, thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of one of us, a torch of dignity — a burning lamb — shines brightest.

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