I know what forever is,

it’s pounded into my Faith

The sight of my heart aches

Into the darkness when it’s all gone

And forever more into that day

A promise date since

The day I was born for

Forever is just a day

That I found forever with you

In my heart

The tears a man cries

Marks the spot

That forever is my Lord’s Love

All praise be to my

Lord, Forever.

And the Angel’s will forever,

Forever, forever more

For the love of light does not die

And when you find forever,

Pray on your knees and believe

it can be forever.

As far as my eyes see, Forever.

The thought of me praising

His Holy name

Forever more

I know what forever is

It is found in my faith

So, I love you forever, forever and a day

It has been forever, forever

My Lord’s day forever, is a universe

That will bear witness one day

To my faith.

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