Fair is fair even when you’re being unfair

Looking at the recent headlines concerning Novak Djokovic, I’d say tennis tournament organizers cheated him for barring him from competing!

I feel the same way about my rap career. I didn’t give myself a hard time and talk myself out of it or make it unavailable to myself. I took the inside track.

I worked at a record studio cuz I couldn’t afford the expenses of studio recording and equipment but I needed that access! I used to work and volunteer there at “Wired For Sound Studio.” Before the studio, I started out with WSSB 90.3, the South Carolina State University school radio station who broadcasted on the FM side, which is rare for school radio stations.

Anyhow, I was on and off semesters from South Carolina State University in an attempt to meet the adjustment of not getting that work-study job upon my return to school as my advisor had assured me. I didn’t deceive myself! My goal, as I had envisioned in my Benjamin Stoddard Middle School essay paper based on “My Life” goals, was to make it on air as an on air radio personality and I eventually achieved that as Big City Joe! I later departed South Carolina State and transferred and enrolled in U.D.C. I still have hours available up here in the District.

It’s a process! After all my hard work, I was able to secure a promising job position and further my communications education upon moving on from Wired For Sound Records.

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