Black Fathers on Father’s Day

Anthony Kelly

I guess I am like many Black men; I get a funny feeling when Father’s Day comes around. Too many of us have issues when it comes to our fathers because of our relationships with them, or lack thereof.

When it comes to being a Black father outside of a marriage or home, there is little support to help us succeed. Most of the help has gone to single Black mothers with no thoughts about the Black man who has been removed from the home by government policies and lack of income.

Historically Black men have been discriminated against when it comes to support with housing, jobs and business startups. Too many fathers never get to enjoy a Father’s Day with the kids and grandkids who they love and work for day-in and day-out. A lot of our days are spent listening to criticism from women and children we love.

We try to overcome barriers in this country that have put Black men in a subservient state, all the time working hard, medicating oneself, or feeling less than. Black fathers,

To be a father is our only hope. To give of ourselves, as a Black father, is to strive for our children to not become a part of another lost generation. Too many generations have already been lost to racism, jail, drugs and violence against each other in our communities.

Every day can be a happy Father’s Day if we find the time to be a father no matter what. Black fathers matter, too. So, happy Father’s Day, brothers.

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