Crack is whack 

::Snap:: ::Snap ::Snap:::
::Snap:: ::Crackle ::Pop:::
Yes, believe it or not
My Black does crack.
It cracks like your porcelain skin,
Every time you begin…
A sentence!
Hum a note!
Take the opportunity to choke!
On your privileged white bullship,
Grab a bullwhip,
And whip me again, white masta’
Cuz’. We. Ain’t. Friends.
Do you comprehend?
This ain’t Jango,
But it could be
If you don’t let me count to 10.
Back up, lemme try this again!
Can you read?
Dumb dumb, can you count?
No means no,
Whether it’s sex,
Coke, or cashing checks.
NO means NO, white masta’!
So bow down to me,
Take a Kaepernick knee,
Then have several…
M-fing… Seats.
::Snap:: ::Snap ::Snap:::

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