Barnum and Bailey, and Eboni!

Sasha Williams

Friday wasn’t the best day for me, but I’m grateful that Eboni enjoyed seeing the Circus at Verizon Center. I had wanted to take her to the zoo last month for her birthday, but she woke up with a fever. It was nice to be able to let her see some entertainment other than DC General Family Shelter. She has really been a trooper. If it was not for a surprise card and gift card, we would have had a different night.

Now that she is growing she should still enjoy some moments We saw a mammoth, llamas, kangaroos, pigs, dogs… and the horses had their own act (riders of the wind) with talented performances. The clowns were so cute, dressed up in outfits that reminded me of the Flintstones. Overall I give the show two thumbs up for being GREAT!!!!

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