A Legal Hustle, Finally

An picture of a D.C street


“Street sense, meet Street Sense.”

“My pleasure. I look forward to working together.”

Since these two connected, my life has changed dramatically. I’m back on my feet. I’m off the street. I have bread in my pocket.

For a long time, I had a problem with biting my tongue or turning the other cheek. I quickly realized that attitude would make it rather difficult to sell the newspaper. So, I decided that I would rather throw my pride out the window than go back to a place I didn’t want to be.

I did this because you get a lot of rejections when you’re trying to sell something that someone doesn’t want. So, being a Street Sense vendor has given me a chance to work on my anger management. Now I don’t get as furious as I used to when a prospective customer says, “NO!”

Selling and writing for the paper has also helped me regularly have bread in my pocket. YEAH!

As a professional hustler, I wasn’t familiar with that situation. But being there has enabled me to rent a couple rooms throughout the year, which prevents me from revisiting the dark sides of my past. I have also found a wonderful companion along this road to success. It seems that she is the love of my life. I enjoy her company all the time.

Finally, I saw a great opportunity to become involved in a newspaper that makes a positive difference for its community. I never thought that I would be able to legally buy papers for 35 cents and sell them for at least a dollar. But, I can! It’s amazing.

So, thank you, Street Sense and Street Sense for creating my first (but maybe not last) legal hustle.

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