A Child’s Tears

When I cry in the morning, when I think about her death
When I think about her passing, that pain, that ailing grief
Sometimes I can’t sit up in the morning
Sometimes it’s so unbearable
It hurts
When I cry in the morning, when I can’t get up in the morning
A child’s tears helps, gets me through
Lets me know I’m alive
Gives me strength
To know God’s there, always helping
Always believing in me and raising me like the Phoenix
To love, to understand, to know why
That pain’s there
To grieve
But God told us to talk to her
When we are at that point
I know she’s listening, I know that she’s there
Because the pain goes away
The grief is lessened
To light
A child’s tears
It gets us through
It helps us
And it cleanses our soul
Once we believe, we know that her Grace, mercy, love gets us through
Even through the darkest of days
She’s there
I was told by her not to ever let her go, so I never have
So I know not to
I know God’s love has never given up on me, on any of us
She loves us all, and respects us all
There is so much there
Godliness and grace
When my mum passed, both grandparents, my twins, my family – I was lost
I tried to take my life, but she gave it back to me
Everyday she makes me feel beautiful, strong, and worthy
My tears, my pain
I know that I’m here to help others
A child’s tears

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