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Photo of memorials at Arlington Memorial Cemetery.

Image by Jackie Williamson from Pixabay

Because there are many soldiers, all of us have someone that we can memorialize. We hope you will think of that person while reading our memorials. 

He Showed Interest 

By Patty Smith 

In 2004 I was going to U.P. O. Mr. Mummin gave me a computer that had clip art. I used to experiment with the different arts that interested me. While I was passing out flyers, I saw August Mallory. He was passing out Street Sense logos. He gave me one and told me about a meeting. I went to the meeting. After getting hired, Laura asked me to return the next day. After meeting some of the vendors, August then took it upon himself to take me to Farragut North Metro Station to sell the newspaper. August was my hero. He was the one that showed interest in me. If it wasn’t for his diligent efforts, I wouldn’t be here now.  

Patty loves creative writing. 


By Reginald Black 

People, just great people.  

They are large and small.  

They do their part for all.  

No matter how large, no matter how small.  

Each job or service helps us to stand tall.  

I know of a person who isn’t very tall,  

but that person’s mission is nothing small.  

It involves communication, so those outsiders they work with can rejoin  


There are folks like this in every nation.  

A congregation of people,  

and they truly are people, great people. 

Reggie’s Reflections – Stardom??? 

By Reginald Black 

I met our new manager. She was lovely but I couldn’t bring myself to break my professional attitude. I guess it was a defense mechanism. This also proved true on an outing. The first stop was a all-girls dorm on George Washington University’s campus. When I learned that I would be preforming in front of mostly women, I became very nervous. ” How can I preform in front of a room full of girls? ” I asked myself. After the first performance and running late for the second, I was forced to leave. The second stop was a local Catholic university. Again, a lot of people mainly the female kind. This time after the performance, they asked for autographs. I was blown over and couldn’t believe I had become a star overnight. The question was will my new stardom bring my crush around, or would she even matter after awhile? I didn’t know but I was eager to see it through.  

Reggie hosts the Writer’s Goup Meetings. 

De Saxe Civility 

By David Rubin 

First Battle of the Bullrun,  

Injured soldiers left in sun.  

Barton breaks all war barrier,  

health care delivered by her.  

Forms the American Red Cross,  

Inspires medical van for homeless.  

War and money bureaucracy gone,  

Maurice DeSaxe civility sets tone.  

David volunteers and is writing his own novel. 

Memorial Day End of May 

By Robert Warren 

Memorial Day, End Of May.  

Summer days will begin again.  

We remember those lost to soon.  

Soon war will come again, we remember as we barbecue the foods of Memorial Day, End of May.  

Life in full bloom as kids play and we remember those who went away to soon. 

Memorial Day, end of May,  

End of life’s June’s Vacation. No more worry of Mothers, Father, Sisters and Brothers who will visit the graves this Memorial Day 

End of May for those who went away to soon.  

Loving thoughts of you this Memorial Day end of May.  

Until, another day end, may of life and bloom Memorial Day 

May we remember you always with thoughts of love for life with peace no more war.  

Heavenly home not too soon.  

Robert is a member of The People for Fairness Coalition 

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