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One plate or another? People have always asked Why would a person choose to live where they live? You will understand a little more after following our experiences. 

My Own / By Robert Warren 

In the time that I have been homeless in Washington D.C. I have slept on my friends’ couches, in a shelter but when the weather was alright to do so, mostly on the streets. I believe I’m like most people who want to be able to bring something to the table in the place that one might be staying. Like most, I believe the lord blesses the child who has their own. So whenever you are one experiencing homelessness there are always uncomfortable days and nights. Case in point, I am now staying with a friend sleeping on the floor. Which is very uncomfortable, but I do have hot water and a place to keep some of my things. Which wouldn’t be possible in most low barrier shelters. I know it can’t go forever. So I have to keep praying to the lord to bless me with my own.  

Robert is a member of The People for Fairness Coalition. 

Just Reach Out / By Reginald Black 

Homelessness the pit of humanity. You can see why a person would resort to unusual tactics just to get a good place to sleep. Personally, I slept in a boiler room for nine months. Although dirty, it had everything I needed except a working restroom. I only resorted to this place of refuge because a friend advised me not to sleep outdoors. If you asked me Where I preferred to stay? I would have to say where I am staying now. I have a family and a loving place to call home. For now, being with them is great, but I know there will come a day we all will have to move on. For those that are new to the streets, I am giving you also the same advice. Do not sleep outdoors. You never know what may happen next. If you can find a hideout or place of seclusion, go there, or to a local shelter. But if you rather have some freedom, just look around. There are humanitarians all around us. We just have to reach out. 

In and Inn / By David Rubin 

The homeless shelter provides a sense of sanity when the concept of in and out is established in the subconscious, continuously indeed which one had since youth. Coming in you feel secure, coming out feels like going to an inn.  

David volunteers and is writing his own novel. 

Reggie’s Reflections – Pretty Management / By Reginald Black 

After a pleasant time at a hip-hop summit, I returned to work. There was a lot of talk of new management. She came in, and she was attractive. Her first act was securing photographs of a fellow vendor and myself at the summit. I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked. ” Who are you? And Where did you come from?” I wondered. It was like a breath of fresh air. Although new to the office, I knew there was something about her. I found myself talking to her a great deal. What did this mean? I wondered. Looks like I found the new management pretty, but could I engage a working relationship with her? I wanted to keep things professional. Alas, my lonely eyes wouldn’t let me. She was out to make an impression, and her first was a good one. I didn’t know what was coming down the pipeline, but I remained ready to find out.  

Reggie hosts the Writer’s Group meetings. 

Rooming Houses / By Patty Smith 

In the 70’s and the 80’s I lived at The Tourist Inn, a rooming house on 13th and I streets NW. There, I met and married Chris. After the marriage ended, I went to 1212 Massachusetts Avenue. I stayed there until the building closed. Then I lived at C.C.N.V. for year. While living there, I had a friend that provided for me. Now I live at the YWCA. I have been living there for 10 years. The rooming house was a place of comfort. I would recommend rooming houses to others that need them.  

Patty loves creative writing. 

Hidden Place / By Joaquin M. Turley, Jr. 

Here in this quiet space I feel completely safe.  

A haven where my thoughts roam free.  

Going on a mission to free me from the world’s daily insanity.  

Daily life can be trying.  

Several days where giving up is more than an option but a yearning.  

That you want to explore and live.  

Sometimes life will catch you off guard and have ya crying  

because life tore off a limb.  

Feeling as though you’re going to die, and is it fair?  

To live in a world which no one seems to care?  

Life can damage a person to the utmost degree. 

 But when I come to my hidden place I am free.  

So oh yes, I go to my hidden place.  

I go to my hidden place.  

I go, I go, I go to my hidden place.  

I go to my hidden place.  

And in this place I am free.  

Free to roam and be me.  

Free of all the hazards and ailments that usually plague me.  

In my hidden place, I don’t get lost in a crowd of negativity.  

Because it is just me, sitting on my balcony.  

Breathing in earth’s fresh scent.  

Wow, what a safe place to be.  

Joaquin also attends Morgan State University 


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