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True and Good 

By Robert Warren 

Acorns falling from a tree, in a place in a life where many years have go by. Still the shape of the buildings tell you it’s no different than it was a long time ago.  

A place that brought roads you traveled with the demons you fought and still the struggle goes on. It’s said when god calls you’ll feel like is has been a minute, and it all was a dream.  

And all the faces you see say ” peace love ” to see you. Yes, if only it was all true. And for the God I believe in, the unseen are just a dream of a life.  

That now it pains your soul as we grow older. Not like our mothers and fathers before us. Who knew how to grow old.  

Another time was the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s The ‘Boomers’ and the ‘Love Child’ were born. 40 years our time then those who marched with King will be gone? Oh, the dream to live on to the day when peace and love lives on. The dream of Dr. King for our grand children will forever live on.  

All on an acorn falling out a tree, GOD knows everything that we sleep and dream. Even then, will the dream be filled with God’s love? When will we go home to dream forevermore?  

And all your dreams come true. Yes, GOD knows all the dreams you struggle for in this life. Andthere is no more struggle in this life than the next. For only a King’s dream that is true and good.  

Robert is a member of The People for Fairness Coalition. 


By Reginald Black 

The fore front. 

The front line 

A call to action 

A state of mind 

When you rewind the clock, 

you’ll find a drive that won’t stop. 

A push, a desire to be at the top. 

Not a flop, more of a stroll. 

A long walk with the lord. 

Destined for a position, 

the most important of all. 

Shoes no one can fill. 

It’s not a deal or no deal, 

it is why Jesus confronted the devil on that hill. 

I feel that it’s his will. 

Moving through my spirit saying ”Son be still.  

you must be ready to heed my call. 

you must lead by me and you will stand tall with your leadership.” 

Reggie’s Reflections – Friendly Offer 

By Reginald Black 

I was desperate alone and also completely homeless. The neighborhood started to be a hostile environment. I didn’t understand why did the past events occur. My hideout was invaded, and now there was no way to get in. I thought that this night I was going to die. I went over to the office, chatting the whole way. My crush wasn’t there, becoming bored and not wanting to alert the room to my troubles, I worked hard all day and thought about what was I going to do. But alas, all great things come to an end. Dreading closing time, I watched the clock. ” A plan, a plan ” I thought as the minutes ticked by. I left the office and went to sell. I knew when I was done I would have to find a place nearby. It ended up being a back alley. ” Is this is it? ” I wondered. I returned to the corner to wait till all died down. A friend of mine for the neighborhood caught up with me on his break. I proceeded to tell him what had transpired the day before. Feeling like he could help he offered his home to me, but would I take this offer? I agreed that if I could stay that I would pay rent, but was my homelessness over? And if so, what happens with my interest? I didn’t know, but I was eager to discover where my head might lay.  

Reggie hosts The Writer’s Group Meeting 

Fading Light 

By Joaquin Turley 

There once was a light that shined in my soul. 

Until I found the world to be too cold. No one cares enough to help me escape the cold drift.  

That prevents me to be able to exist in a state of bliss. 

Watching the sights, looking at the countless droves of people traveling new and old. Trying to live their lives, trying to be bold.  

I sought to find this light but it was too dim for my black heart to see. My pain colored my heart. A darker shade of pain.  

The light flickered and I became broken blending into the worlds dark mold. I was once joyful with a grin ears wide. But now I have placed my happiness to the side. Because with this smile on my face. I am living a lie. I actually sit home in my black room and cry. Cry out to all the lost souls, because soon I know I will fit into the droves. I will soon run and hide.  

Into the darkness that really sustains my morbid soul, My light no longer burns bright in the world’s chaos. No more giggles, smiles or things of this nature, because my light has faded into the world’s dark rapture. This is me here, now and there after 

Joaquin also attends Morgan State University. 

The Promise to Life 

By David Ger 

Something exists more dangerous, Than viruses and bacteria, Their existence is ubiquitous,  

Unknown in medical criteria,  

Diseases caused are serious, prions be the aria,  

To be known in US,  

God exists without amnesia.  

David volunteers and is writing his own novel. 


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