I wanted to write to share that I am so blessed and thankful. I am really astounded by Street Sense Media. I took the illustration workshop and I loved it. It awakened things in me that laid dormant. I took the photography workshop and that also was the same effect as the illustration workshop.

I also did writers’ group, and the support I get to contribute to writing in the paper over the years has been refreshing and phenomenal. I did theater group and that is majestic — being able to work on the courage to sing. I get anxiety when it comes to singing but I keep pushing, cause that’s what I want to do in life, sing and write songs. 

I did a filmmaking workshop where I was able to show my story and self-produce my own documentary. I also found the courage to find housing, to stick to my goal for my daughter and to get out of the family shelter. 

I did get a digital marketing certification but it stopped around the pandemic. 

I did a workshop where I designed mugs with District Mugs and I did a knitting workshop. 

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