Women are human too, treat them as such

Ken Martin

I saw them, at the District Building, saw the posters and thought, “That is me, too, and I should be there in line with them.” 

It was March 8, International Women’s Day, and the D.C. Coalition against Domestic Violence raised awareness about the issue by inscribing messages on the sidewalk before a Department of Human Services Oversight hearing. Its platform for fiscal year 2019 proposes expanding city schools’ programs on violence prevention, expanding housing options for those facing domestic violence, and expanding targeted services for survivors of different cultural backgrounds.

The cause of women’s safety and rights as human beings stretches back to the beginning of time. And yes, we have survived and made great strides. It is now critical to pay attention and make unquestionably necessary changes to both laws and societal norms. 

A sidewalk where "Survivors Need Safe Housing" is written in chalk.
Photo by Ken Martin

It is not okay to physically abuse, rape or sexually harass a woman. Anywhere! This includes home, school, work, church and out elsewhere in public. Words are not bullying tools of violence against women. We must change this. Love, of any human being, is not shown through sex. Love is caring, and if you care, you then respect and, ergo, would never, ever harm a female.  

We all need to change our mind-sets and eradicate the thoughts and actions that erode our society as humans worldwide. Let us go to work today. 

We are treasures. We are human. We carry, birth and nurture all human life. 

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