Willingly Illiterate

Sam Greenhalgh/Flickr

I never understood  

people who don’t like 

to read 

I can understand if  

you don’t like  

certain kinds of  

reading materials 

but some people  

just don’t like reading 

at all 

but they love to talk 

they’ll talk about anything 

current affairs 

economics, history 

finance and so on 

they’ll make  

or should I say  

they try to make  

what they think is 

a complicated synthesis 

that more often than not  

is just simplistic  


that in some way  

shape or form explains 

what is happening  

in the world that 

surrounds them 

but when asked where  

do they get their 

information from 

they say that they did their 


and when pressed further 

they become irate 

when told that their  

ideas are erroneous 

and false  

they respond by stating 

that their interlocutor 

is arrogant  

and a know-it-all 

if not with threats of  


humanity is damned 

because most of us  

expect that  

some magnanimous soul 

will do all the research 

and then simplify 

everything into 

insipid phrases 

that will give all the  


all the solutions  

and that everybody will 

then ride off into the  

sunset and live  

happily ever after. 

Corey Edwards was born in Jamaica and grew up in a dysfunctional home. He would later develop shizoaffective disorder and go to jail. He learned French while incarcerated and began writing poetry. He was homeless between 2010 and 2011.
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