What to expect when expecting a change!

In the new year, I have made goals for myself. Maybe they work for you too.

1). Eat healthier: Add veggies, protein and extra vitamins to your diet.

2). Create your own business. I recommend taking skills and abilities you are good at and putting them to use. For example, I’m good at cleaning, so I used those abilities to start a cleaning company. If you like to do art or crafts, maybe you can try soap- making and painting as another means to make an income.

Use the free resources available online to start your business. The local farmers’ market and craft vendor shows are also good avenues as well. Marketing, advertising and word of mouth can increase your clientele.

Some of the online resources I have used when starting my business include Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Wave accounting program costs money but helps to balance all your income and outgoing expenses, schedule your clients’ arrival and even do taxes.

3). Self-care: if you can’t take care of yourself first, you can’t take care of anyone else. Self-care means putting God first, then yourself, then others. Self-care can mean balancing time with family, having a parents’ night out, pedicures and manicures. Keeping yourself well kept, bathed, clothed and in good hygiene is also an example of appropriate self-care.

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