What is God?

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God is your heavenly father and a spirit. God is always right, never wrong. He created the heavens and the earth; He created you and me; and he already knew what you would  look like when he created you. God is always watching you, seeing the wrong and right things you do every day.

God is the only true God that saves you and helps you in life. He can give you lots of good and useful advice when you are curious or concerned about certain things.

God is always listening to what you need to say, sometimes he can speak to you, too. He is always watchful because he’s the omnipresent God, which means he can be in different places at one time.
He is there when you’re sleeping, when you’re reading the Bible, even when you’re showering. God can know everything you think, even the words that never leave your mouth.

He is never tired — if he were he would not be able to watch over you. That’s why we always say that our God in heaven is never tired or sleeping. In heaven there is no night, and there are plenty of mansions waiting for you. God is very peaceful, awesome, powerful, mighty, great, unchangeable. God is the awesome God – there are innumerable songs proclaiming such.

He will provide for you when you need something and sometimes when you want something. God will
feed you, quench your thirst, and provide you clothes on your back and shoes on your feet; this is promised in scripture. They say that God is care, joy, peace, love and many, many other great things.

1 John 4:8 says God is love. That is what I think about God.

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