What is a nation? 

A red and white striped flag with a blue triangle flies in front of a blue sky.

The Puerto Rican flag. Photo courtesy of Damian Entwistle/Flickr

The scandalous yet weightless reality of Puerto Rico and its relation to the imperialist government of the United States is hitting an all-time crisis. Our nation is openly being destroyed for the eyes of the whole world to see. 

But is a nation really a nation in the context of the actual distribution of power? Under global economic structures and methods of population control and social design? Are “nations” truly our collective representation? Is democracy still a truly accessible concept in our society?

What is a nation, according to the United Nations?

A nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a combination of shared features such as language, history, culture, ethnicity and society. 

And what is a colony?

A colony is a territory subject to a form of foreign rule. Though dominated by foreign colonizers, the rule remains separate from the original country of the colonizers, the metropolitan state, or “mother country,” within the shared imperialist administration.

I’m a country-less man born on the island of Puerto Rico, a colony that should be a nation. We have been methodically destroyed and obliterated by a country led by consumerism, greed, military force and the hypocritical disdain of forcing its interest on smaller, weaker nations. The United States buys the opinions of the rest of the world with its wicked corruption, mediatic control and perversion of the wholesome nature of our individuals. It exploits the protection and respect of our beings and our resources for the benefit of a small class of persons that hide behind the curtain of ignorance, and are entrusted to execute their commands under the anonymous protection of “freedom” under “God’s” name.

Journalist Ben Norton wrote about how the Supreme Court justices ruled residents of Puerto Rico are not entitled to the Freedom of Information Act. This is just one example of the abuse. 

In current personal affairs, I, a Puerto Rican “American” who has never been able to vote for the president who installs the system that denies and exterminates our mere existence, am currently living in a Section 8 apartment. 

Finally, I got food stamps too, and even though furniture and beds don’t apply to “Puerto Ricans” under the“Hurricane Relief Platform” that I’m benefitting from. (Since I have a brain tumor and the doctors in Puerto Rico have fled to the continental United States to earn money accordingly, well, I’m also getting “Amerigroup” health insurance) So, yes! Life is good, right? The truth is, it is good. Regardless of all afflictions, every suffering is a wonderful marvel.

Gracias Garcias is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media. 

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