Praying for an end to the government shutdown

A photo of a sign that reads "END SHUT DOWN."

Marion Harris

The government shutdown is affecting me as a Street Sense Media vendor.  I don’t get an extra check, nor do I have a part-time job to keep me afloat during government shutdowns. I have to rely on Street Sense Media to pay for my monthly bills, too. But many customers who support me and my colleagues every two weeks are also government workers. 

Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful to my other customers that aren’t part of the shutdown and that do support me when I am selling my papers.  In fact, I am so very grateful to you all during this terrible shutdown. 

But I am asking all of my loyal and my colleagues’ loyal customers to help us spread the word about our wonderful paper (and of course your favorite vendor), so that we, too, can survive during this terrible of time. 

I am praying for all the government workers that the shutdown will end soon. And during this time that seems so scary to many who are not able to pay their monthly bills, I pray they use this time to pray, unwind and relax. Once the government opens back up, it’s back to stress and chaos all over again before you can take a vacation.  

But I do pray that Democrats, who are now in control of the House, can ease the pain and fear. I pray that other businesses and communities can help the lighten these fears and feelings of embarrassment. I pray, too, for all of the people that have to choose between medication, and whether to provide for self or family, during this time. And I am praying for people that are about to be homeless or are homeless. I hope they can find shelter during this terrible shutdown. Amen.

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